FABTASTIC is a price comparison website operating in the Furniture and Home Decor Niche. Compare prices online and buy from Australia’s leading merchants. You’ll find a wide range of products listed on FABTASTIC including Bed Frames, Sofas and Couches, Lamps & Chandeliers, Vases and Other Home Decor.

F A B T A S T I C  For Buyers and Shoppers

FABTASTIC provides online shoppers in Australia with a single point of interaction with products from retailers that ship to Australia. FABTASTIC creates a one stop catalogue of products  offering buyers with more control.

Buyers are empowered with information allowing them to select the right product from a wide range of goods, find this product at the best possible price and buy it from the most reputable online store selling this product.

F A B T A S T I C For Online Retailers and Advertisers

FABTASTIC also provides a platform for online retailers spread across the world who ship their products to Australia to effectively reach Australian Buyers.

Products listed on FABTASTIC become widely seen by potential buyers, delivering genuine shoppers a retailers online store.

Business Information

Business Name – Fabtastic Australia

ABN – 40 883 827 595